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Welcome to Berenstein Textiles, widely considered the most diverse and comprehensive wholesale textile source in the United States. We cater to almost every market and our clients include Fortune 500 Companies, High Profile Apparel Manufacturers and The NYC Theater District. We encourage all visitors to browse our vast product line and sign up for our newsletter. 

Our History:
In 1973, Michael and Polina Berenstein fled communist Russia in the hopes of a life free from tyranny and socialism. After a few years of uncertainty, they settled in the land of the free with nothing but the shirts on their backs, two hungry mouths to feed and the everlasting will to succeed. They struggled, working 12-hour days, often 7 days a week, taking on all types of employment. However, their vision never wavered and their determination to open their own business only intensified. 

In 1976, Polina finally opened her first business, a retail fabric store in Downtown Manhattan. With a flair for fashion and an eye for the latest trend, she quickly established a large following of loyal clients and it was not long before she opened several more stores in New York City. Her accomplishments only further ignited her desire to succeed. Polina was as ambitious as ever and yearned for a bigger stage than the retail trade. 

In 1993, Polina left retail behind for a better opportunity in the wholesale industry. She opened Berenstein Textiles in the heart of the NYC garment center, specializing in Bridals and Embroideries. In an market dominated by men, Polina did not back down to any competitor or vendor and her reputation as a fierce adversary quickly spread in the trade. Her son Felix joined soon after and the company began to expand in the mid to late 90’s.

Today, Berenstein Textiles enjoys global distribution and maintains sales representation throughout the United States. Our showroom/sample room is still based in the same NYC location with our corporate headquarters in Deer Park, NY. 

The mission statement has never changed:

  • Sourcing – Explore and discover the best fabrics from the finest mills around the globe.
  • Diversity – Inventory the latest trends and colors in almost every fashion category.
  • Respect – Treat every client with the same dignity and respect regardless of size or stature.

Please inquire about our sample color cards and join our mailing list. We continue to expand our product line and we would love for you to be a part of our history.

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